High Rock Marine Construction
Providing quality construction and repair, pile driving, deep water maintenance, and more, on High Rock Lake, Badin Lake, Lake Tillery   336-247-0151 Chris

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Watch Out For...

Be sure to BEWARE of imitators of High Rock Marine Construction. Recently, several independent pier builders in the area have been representing themselves as employees, and even owners, of High Rock Marine Construction, LLC and have even posted a website under our name. Generally, their work is inexpensive and low quality and you should take every precaution to avoid these unscupulous individuals.

WE are a Limited Liability Corporation registered in the State of NC and it is illegal for others to use our name or attempt to represent our company without our permission. These matters are being addressed legally but in the meantime, you can refer to our Meet Our Staff page to ensure you are dealing with a legal representative of High Rock Marine Construction. If you do not see them mentioned on this website, they are not a representative of this company.

Also beware any pier builder who offers to perform work without:

  • A county Building Permit (required)
  • A construction or repair permit from Alcoa (required on High Rock Lake, Lake Tillery, and Badin Lake)
  • An engineer's certification stamp on the structure's girders, pilons, and cross-bracing (required for building permit)
If your pier builder cuts corners and does not get the proper authorization from Alcoa, or other governing bodies depending on the lake location, you may be required to remove any work done by that builder at YOUR expense.

Avoid all that hassle and deal only with a licensed, quality pier builder who maintains an ongoing working relationship with Alcoa and other entities to ensure you a turn-key, problem-free, installation.

High Rock Marine Construction has both a licensed General Contractor and NC Engineer on staff for your convenience and peace of mind.

Questions to Ask

1 - Can you submit the pier permit application to Alcoa (or other entity on other lakes)?
2 - What is your NC General Contractor's license number for pulling permits with the County?
3 - Do you have an engineer on staff to certify your plans?
4 - How many jobs have you had to revisit to re-do work?
5 - Where is your office located? (Beware pier builders who work out of their homes.)
6 - Do you use screws or nails in your construction? (See our Construction Practices page for info on this.)
7 - Do you guarantee your work?